Why Strategic Bloggers Publish Blog Posts at 7:30am EST

Publishing your blog posts daily is one thing. Knowing what time to do it is what will catapult your blog to the top of your readers list.

So why publish your posts in the am?

This is a simple but effective strategy pro bloggers use to get their posts on the top of rss feeds in the morning.

Professional bloggers know that most folks will read blog posts related to their industry in the morning before they hit the road to get to the office.

Note: This strategy is primarily used for business related industry blogs.

Once at the office they are less likely to read posts during the day.

If a reader has subscribed to your rss feed, and you post it later in the day, chances are your post will fall to the bottom of their feeds by the next morning.

This is a lesson I learned from Don Crowther who is by the way one of the Internets’s most respected marketing coaches. When I started using this strategy, it was a game changer that gave me some serious blogging power for all of my sites.

Posting early in the morning between 7:00am and 8:00am Eastern Standard Time covers you for the folks on Pacific Standard Time since they are in range of a three hour difference behind the East Coast.

You can set your time of publication in your dashboard on WordPress where the publish button is.

Go here for directions: How to set your WordPress auto publish timer.

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