How to Set Your Wordpess Auto-Publish Timer.

Set up is easy for this and should take you about two minutes.

Step #1:

Log into your WordPress admin and look for the Settings tab on the left hand side of your dashboard panel. Settings is closer to the bottom

Step #2. Be certain you have the right time settings for your state or country. In many cases your exact state may not be listed.

Example: Country: America

State: Ga. “There is not a time zone stated for Georgia, so the compatible option for the Atlanta, Ga. Time zone will be New York.”

Step # 3:

Choose the time format you want. There are default formats and custom formats. I find it best to keep with regular time instead of military time.

Step #4:

When you are finished writing your post, you will see an edit link just above the publish button.

Click on the edit button and set the day and time you want to publish your post. It’s that simple.

Why Strategic Bloggers Set Their Posts to Publish Between 7am and 8am.

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