How To Put Your Affiliate Links On Your Blog

If you are reading this post you are most likely just getting started with Affiliate Marketing.


This post will go over the simple steps of how to put your links on your blog site or sites.

Affiliate Links Step#1:

Grab your affiliate code from the vendor you will be promoting. Be sure to cloak or hide your affiliate link from prying eyes.  There are two ways to hide or cloak your affiliate link. “You can do it by hand or by using software”.   I personally use  Ninja software simply because it saves me tons of time.

Affiliate Links Step#2:

Once you have your code ready, copy it and bring it to your wordpress blog site. Log in to your WP account and go to your dashboard. You have two choices on where to put affiliate links or banners with affiliate codes embedded.

Putting your link directly in your post:

To do this, simply start writing your post.  Choose a key word to highlight.

Example Post:

I am writing a post about how to put affiliate links on your blog sites. It is always a good idea to hide your affiliate links with link cloaking software so your links are safe from internet link thieves.

“Notice the highlighted text above?”  That is an example of what your text link will look like. The affiliate link attached to it goes to my affiliate link for a link cloaking software program.

Affiliate Links Step#3:

To make this happen, highlight the words that are relevant to your affiliate product you are promoting. You will see the infinity symbol above in your writing area. Click on the symbol. A box will pop up asking for the link. Paste the link in to the box and hit save. It’s that simple.

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