How To Put Google Adsense Codes In Your Blog Posts.

If you are new to using Google Adsense Ads, Please know that your wordpress site must be one that you own. Meaning you need to get your own domain and hosting.

If you have not set up your own self hosted site yet; you will need to do that first. Go to for some free video instructions.

If you are already set up with a wordpress  site that you own, please continue reading the steps for putting the  Google Adsense Ad codes on your site.

Adsense Ads Codes in Posts Step#1:

You must first set up your account with Google Adsense. To do this simply go to :

Set up your account with the Google Adsense Partner Program.

If you are already set up, proceed to step 2.

Adsense Ads Codes in Posts Step #2:

Once you have your Adsense Ad code ready from Google, you will highlight the code and copy it.

To copy it hit your ctrl +c on your keyboard or right click on your mouse for the drop down menu.

Next, go to your WordPress dashboard where you are writing your blog post.

Adsense Ads Codes in Posts Step#3:

“Putting your link in your post”

When you start your post, decide where you think the best placement for your adsense ad will be. I have found that for Adsense specific sites, it is best to put the code at the top of the posts.

To put the link in your post, you must be in the HTML tab to do so.

Paste the code in your post while in the html setting.

Adsense Ads Codes in Posts Step#4:

Preview your post before publishing to ensure your code has be properly embedded. To do this you will see the preview link just above the publish link in your dashboard.

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