How To Create A Blog That Makes Money

This is one of the biggest questions we get here at Bloggomaniac.

There are actually quite a few strategies you can use right now to start generating income from your blog site.

What you will need to consider first is what it is that you want your blog to do.

Here are some key questions you should ask yourself first.

  1. Do I want my blog to focus on generating money with Google Adsense Ads and/or other types of ads that I run on my site?
  2. Do I want my blog to focus on affiliate products that are relevant to my blog site?
  3. Do I want my blog to focus on collecting email addresses so I can offer my own products and other affiliate types of products to my subscribers?

When looking for ways to make money with your blog, you really need to dig down deep and focus on how you are monetizing your site. What is the core focus?

  1. Is your site geared toward digital downloads and information type products?
  2. Is your site geared toward a specific product that is shipped out? A tangible product or products?
  3. Is your site geared toward selling your own product?
  4. Are you educated in how to actually market and promote your site?
  5. Does your domain name reflect what your blog site is about?
  6. Are your blog posts relevant and filled with information that will benefit your reader for what it is they are seeking?
  7. Do you know how to get visitors to your site?

Alright, let’s get down to the nitty gritty on each core focus.

Adsense Focused Blog Sites:

If you are looking to set your site up primarily as an Adsense type of site then focus on placements with your Adsense ads for the best conversion. Don’t just randomly toss up some ads and hope for the best…

Be strategic about them. Keep messing and tweaking them until you see some conversions. Test Test Test.  Look at what colors you are using and at the size of the ads you are putting up. Do the text ads out- weigh banner style ads?

Learn and study everything you can about Google Adsense Ads. There is a ton of information specifically on how to monetize your site that is focused on generating money from putting ads on your site.

Here is a link to a site that teaches specifically about how to build an Adsense Site.

Affiliate Blog Sites:

Most affiliate blog sites are in the form of writing reviews about affiliate products. But how targeted are you with what you are promoting as an affiliate marketer?

So many would be great affiliates have given up simply because they lack the proper education in the Marketing piece of Affiliate Marketing.

So how do the super affiliate marketers turn up the heat on their blogs to make money?

They do it in two very focused ways and use many different strategies that are focused on each product that is promoted.

Strategy #1 for Affiliate Blog Sites:

Each blog headline is laser targeted to the product they are promoting.

Example for a digital downloadable information affiliate product:

If the product is for an information product; a review will usually be written about it along with a “special offer” that will be thrown in to create a higher value if you purchase the product through their affiliate link. Pictures of the product and video demonstrations and or video conversations about the products features are a big plus that the super affiliates use to increase sales conversions.

Example for a tangible affiliate product:

If the product is a tangible product that is shipped, the affiliate marketer with skill will create a headline with the specific product name and possibly the model number or item code in that headline.  The article/blog post will give complete information on the product as well as how to use it or what the great features and benefits are to it. Pictures are added and if the affiliate is really on the ball a video will go through the functionality of the said product either with a power point presentation or an actual live video demonstrating the product.

Strategy #2 for Affiliate Blog Sites:

All Professional Affiliate Marketers know for a fact that having and email list is the number one thing you want on any of your sites. Whether it’s a blog site or a mini sales page, you should always focus on obtaining an email address so you never lose contact with that prospective client or information seeker for the targeted niche on your site.  Opt-in boxes are on every single page with a trade of some sort that will entice the visitor to accept your invitation in trade for their email address. The best form of trading is to offer a free information guide, e-book or free video tutorials on something they want to learn about. The offer for the free product will be relevant to the blog site that the opt-in box is placed on.


If your Affiliate Product site is targeted in the Camera niche, you would offer free tips on “creating lighting effects” or something along that nature. This is your target audience that is looking to learn from you and will be hungry for your information. It’s a fair trade that makes sense.

Conclusion: Your blog site should always have a plan of what it is being built for. You should see some major results if you actually know what results you are looking for.

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