What Are The Best Ways To Make Money Using A Blog?

There are a range of ways to make money using a blog.

The fact that it is flexible has made blogging a natural favorite for many internet marketers who want to create an online income. With the growth of the internet, there is a constant realization of new concepts; and along with these developments, comes fresh ways to make money using a blog.

One of the most popular ways to make money using a blog is the pay-per-click advertisement approach. Advertisers pay between 10 cents and 5 dollars every time someone clicks on one of their ads. A piece of code will be added to your blog, it will then automatically check the content of your blog so as to make sure that the advertisements match your content.

Another of the common ways to make money using a blog is affiliate programs. Affiliate programs operate on a simple concept – you sell another person’s product, and you get to keep a good portion of the profits, or visa versa. You can find affiliate products to sell through online affiliate websites, with clickbank being the market leader.

A different way to make money money using a blog is by building a list. Listbuilding is the gathering the email addresses of visitors to your blog. This provides you with the opportunity to send them information packed emails that will earn their trust. Having earned their trust, you are in a position to recommend a product to them, which might be those of an affiliate or your own.

So, if you’re searching for way to make money using a blog, give serious consideration to the three methods just mentioned. Use any of these three ways to make money using a blog right now, and you could have a new income stream within the week!

This is a guest post by Matthew Wolfe. He teaches entreprenuers how to create blogs, generate traffic, and make money with his free video tutorials at The WordPress Classroom. You can also find out more about Matthew, as well as learn more tips and tricks at his personal blog, MatthewWolfe.com.

3 Simple Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Few things are as important to blogging as site traffic is.  When you intend to make money blogging, the success of your site is going to be reliant on the number of people who manage to make it to your site, stay there, and return to become loyal readers.  Fortunately, driving traffic to your blog doesn’t always have to be a herculean task.  Here are a few tips we’ve collected for you so you can boost your site stats and encourage people to come to your site:

1.  Get out there and network!

Widen your online social circle!  You won’t get any visitors to your blog if you don’t visit other blogs yourself.  When you do go out and drop by other bloggers’ sites, leave comments on their blog posts and make yourself known to them and their readers.  Don’t just post any comment for the sake of putting up one.   Leave a comment that’s intelligent, well-written, and polite so you’ll make a good impression on the blog owner and his visitors.  Don’t forget to tack your own blog’s URL at the end of your comment, so people have a way of finding you and your site.

Although linking to other blogs isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get a link back, it’s still worth a shot.  Don’t just link to every blog you see, though!  Choose blogs that you like and respect, and which you actually visit when you get the chance to.

You can also pay a visit to forum boards that talk about the very same topic that your blog deals with.  Be an active member, post helpful information, and most importantly, leave a link to your blog that other forum members can click through if they want to get more of your unique advice.

2.  Fan out your work to article directories:

Come up with articles on your area of expertise, and submit them to article directories like eZine Articles and Buzzle.  These articles should be different from the ones that you’ve already posted on your site, and should give readers an idea of how much you know regarding your niche.  At the end of your article, you can leave a link to your blog, which readers can click through.  Other people can even use your article and post it on their own blogs, as long as they retain your blog’s URL at the foot of the article.  Instant backlink!

Remember that these article directories often have guidelines for posting articles.  For example, you can’t promote yourself or your site excessively, and each post must at least be 250 words long.  Some topics are definitely taboo, as well.  Need it be said that your work must be all original and not plagiarized?

3.   Write better posts
The most effective way to draw traffic into your blog is by providing great content that gets your readers’ attention and distinguishes you from other competing blogs.  Make each blog entry worth your visitors’ while, and they’re bound to return to your site.

Keep in mind that if you want to make money online with your blog, you should do more than create a marketing strategy that aims at driving traffic to your site.  At the heart of your blog lies its content, and when your readers find that you always have something good and interesting to offer to them each time they visit your blog, they’re bound to return again and again.  That’s much, much more than what traditional SEO methods can accomplish for you any day.

Attention All Bloggers! (FTC File No. P034520) (endorsement testimonial guide.wpd)

On October 5th, 2009 the FTC published and released to the public its final revisions on guides governing endorsements and testimonials.
What does this means for the Bloggers of the world that have affiliate links on their sites?

Basically if you are endorsing a product particularly when you are doing a review on it, you must state your relationship with the product owner. In a nutshell the general public must be informed by you that you will be compensated either by a gift or by money from the product owner should the consumer purchase from your link based on your endorsement.

In other words, you may want to attach a little note saying, “This is my affiliate link, if you buy this product after clicking on this link I will be compensated” You get the idea.

Please check with a lawyer and get their advice on this.

I am not a lawyer and have no legal background. “Yeah, that is a disclaimer.”
This new ruling goes into effect on Dec. 1st, 2009.

This is not a bad thing for those of you that are honest bloggers. What can be bad is if you do not pay close attention to these new rules.
David Goldman, staff writer for CNN Money notes in his article released on October 6th, that the existing rules carry a fine as high as $11,000 if product endorsers and reviewers don’t comply.
Frank Kern also did a bang up job writing an article post about this. Google him if you don’t already know him. His post puts it all together and just nails it hard with what he learned from one of his lawyer pals.
So, do yourself a favor and go to the Federal Trade Commission site and read the entire article.

My Personal Opinion?
Personally, I think it is great for bloggers that are truthful and want to give great content to help consumers make informed decision on a purchase. Additionally I think it will cut down on the deception out there and give the consumers a better sense of security and good feelings about buying on line again.
Till next time!
The Bloggomaniac