Before You Publish, Protect Your Blogs From Comment Spam

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Like it or not, your blog is constantly under attack from comment spammers.

When I first started blogging, I really had no idea of how bad it was or the flood of spam comments I would get.

I mean, the first post I ever wrote was scary enough just to hit the publish button but I was excited to get it out there. I was even more excited to see the comments coming in.  Excited up until I saw how many and what they were about ;(

This may be familiar to you is you are new to blogging:

Uh… Wait “What’s This Language and Why are there so many?” Argggg… links to disgusting sites, links to you just got hacked, links to really embarrassing offers for enhancements, drugs and all kind of other crap. Oh No!!!!!!

How To:  Protect Your Blog From Comment Spam:

Time To Set Up: Approximately 10 minutes if this is your first time.

This is really important and should not be over looked. Protecting your site from all those spammers out there from the get go will save you tons of headaches and keep your blog site clean for the search engines. If you miss this step, you may find that your comments section has hundreds of offers and links to some really bad sites that promote some pretty disturbing product.

What to use to protect your site from comment spam:

Get the Akismet Plug-in. You will find it in your dashboard on the left hand side if you are using WordPress. Click on the plug-ins link. You will be taken to a new window.

Next you will see a search plug-ins tab with a box. Type in “Akismet” this will take you a new window were you will find the Akismet plug-in. Click the install button.

After installing you will need to activate the plug-in. You then be asked for you API key. If you do not have that yet, you can request one to be emailed to you.

Once you have your API key, past it in the box where they ask for it. Hit save.

You are now safe to post:)

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how to to protect the spam comments in wordpress

Go to your WordPress admin area > Plugins > Installed. Step 2. Click Activate. There are many ways to protect your blogs from unwanted comments: * blogs are protected by the Akismet comment spam filter. …

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