5 Hot Tips For New Bloggers

Blogging Tip # 1: Planning Out Your Blog Site

Plan your blog out carefully. Think about how you want your layout, your structure and your categories to flow. What is your targeted Niche for your blog site? In other words, what is your site about specifically?

Blogging Tip # 2: Your Targeted Readers

Keep your posts relevant to what your readers are expecting out of your blog site.

Example:  if your site is about let’s say, “Scuba Diving” for instance; only post blogs about that niche. Do not toss in random posts about your cat. “Unless of course; your cat is scuba diving”.  Keep personal blogs on your personal blog site.

Blogging Tip # 3: Creating Categories For Your Blog Site

Create categories for your niche.

Example: Your main topic is Scuba Diving.

Category: Scuba Gear

Sub-Category: Scuba Masks

Sub- Category: Wet Suites

Sub- Category: Scuba Tanks

Category: Scuba Diving Hot Spots

Sub-Category: East Coast Hot Spots

Drop down sub-categories:

Florida Hot Spots

Georgia Hot Spots

Sub-Category: West Coast Hot Spots

Drop down sub-categories:

Southern California Hot Spots

Northern California Hot Spots

This step should be done with all of your categories as you see fit.

Blogging Tip # 4: Creating Blog Headlines That Are Compelling and Keyword Rich

Create compelling headlines to your posts.

You want to capture an emotional feeling in your headlines that will peak the interest of your readers.


5 Scuba Diving Hot Spots in San Diego That You May Not Know About

Your readers will definitely want to know where they are and what makes them hot spots.

Blogging Tip # 5: Creating Blog Posts with Keyword Rich Content

Keep your posts natural and primarily for your readers but also put in relative keywords that the search engines will pick up on so your post gets some search engine love. Google is looking for posts that are relative to what your readers are searching for.  If your posts have rich keywords in your content, Google will give you the love you need to get your post seen by those that are seeking the information you are giving.  Think about what keywords you are competing for. In this instance, you would be competing for the search on what folks are typing in to know “Where to Scuba Dive in San Diego” possibly. Or, they may type in “Scuba Diving in San Diego”. People use different terms when they search. Your headline and posts should think about the message and who it is for.

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