How to Create 30 Blog Headlines in 20 Minutes:

Creating blog titles/headlines can get to be a little overwhelming at times and there are definitely days that your brain just goes blank on what to write about.

You may be asking yourself,

“Why would I want to create 30 blog titles in 20 minutes?”

Before we get into how to do it, let’s take a look at why you should.

It is extremely important to keep your blog page moving and growing with content daily. When you create blog posts every day, you will begin to get noticed as an authority in your niche. You will also reap the benefits of Google getting to know you as a site that has the right information seekers are looking for. Can you say Google Love without smiling? J

It’s all about building a reputation and getting traffic to your site every single day. In order to get you set up and basically on auto-pilot posting with killer headlines and posts, you need some great headlines to start with.

Every month, I take about 20 minutes out of my day to create 30 blog headlines that will then be turned into posts over the next two days following.

How I Personally Create 30 Blog Headlines in 20 Minutes:

Step 1:

Depending on what blog site I am working on, I ask myself what questions folks would be looking to have answered within that particular niche.

Step 2:

I write down in my notepad 30 questions regarding the niche, categories and/or sub-categories I have on my site.

These questions usually come in the form of: How, What, Why and When. For this example I will use my niche for this site, which is Blogging.


How do I start a new Blog?

What are the best plug-ins to use?

Why am I getting 404 error codes?

When is the best time to post a Blog?

How do I make money with my blog?

I take questions like these and then put them in the form of an answer for the headlines. In most cases my headlines are geared toward using steps to help give the information folks are looking for.

Step 3:

Take the questions and turn them into headlines.

For instance: If I ask the question “How do I start a new Blog?” I will create at least 2- 5 compelling headlines that are geared toward that question.

Headline Examples:

“How to Create a New Blog Site in Less than 30 minutes”

This headline is for someone that wants to do something fast.

“Top 5 Questions for New Bloggers Answered”

This headline is for someone that is serious about learning how to blog and has some major questions.

“What Every New Blogger Should Know Before Starting a Blog Site”

This headline is for someone that is ready to start blogging but wants to do it the right way and is a bit timid to start.

“How to Start Your First Blog Using WordPress”

This is a headline targeted specifically for folks that know about WordPress but do not know where to start.

By using that one question, I just created 4 headlines for my posts that are relevant to the question. So…. if you take 10 questions and come up with 3 answers on average for each question, you will have 30 headlines.

The above headlines are answering questions I know beginning bloggers are looking for.

How do I know?

  1. They are the same questions I had when I started Blogging.
  2. They pop up constantly in places like Yahoo Answers, Twitter, and other social networks and forums.
  3. My subscribers ask me questions on how to do things online.

Note: All of your titles can be changed if they are not converting well when you use the All in One SEO plug-in. I am creating a video that will go over that and will post it on my YouTube Channel at:

Step #4:

After you have created you 30 blog headlines, start writing your blog posts. Take the next two days to complete this task and line them up for publication one post a day.

How to Set up your blog post on auto-publish

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